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The largest constellation is Hydra, the Sea Serpent. The smallest constellation is Crux, the Southern Cross. Twelve constellations, together called the Zodiac, form a belt around the earth. As the earth revolves around the sun, a different part of the sky becomes visible until, after a year, the earth has completed one trip and starts again.

Each month, one of the 12 constellations appears above the horizon in the east to begin its march across the sky. Night after night, the constellation appears to move across our sky until it disappears below the horizon in the west and the next constellation appears in the east.

The word Zodiac comes from both Greek and Latin. In Greek mythology, Aries was a winged ram with golden wool. His hide became the much-desired golden fleece. This constellation reminded the Greeks of Castor and Pollux, the mythological twin sons of Zeus.

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It was thought to bring good luck to sailors since it appeared at the end of the winter storm season. Cancer represents the crab that Juno, queen of the gods, sent to rescue Hydra. But Hercules stepped on the crab, crushing it to death. To reward the crab for its heroic attempt, Juno chose it to represent this constellation. Libra is the symbol of balance. This constellation appears at the time of the autumnal equinox, when days and nights are equal. This constellation is usually pictured as Chiron the archer, who is a centaur half man, half horse.


Chiron is said to be aiming his arrow at Scorpio to avenge the death of Orion. In many cultures, Capricorn has the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. The goat, an expert climber, represents the sun's climb from its lowest position in the sky. After December 22, the shortest day, the sun's time in the sky increases daily. The Babylonians believed that this group of stars represented an old man pouring water from a jar.

The Greeks saw Ganymede, the cup bearer of the gods, who poured the water of life. Pisces represents Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and her son Cupid.

Unlike constellations, the zodiac signs are represented by 12 animals. The Chinese zodiac signs form a recurring year cycle, and each year is represented by one of 12 animals. And will be a year of the Pig.

The year you were born in determines your zodiac sign. Most people believe that a Chinese zodiac year starts on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. In , it falls on February 5th.

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However, other people — especially some astrologers — believe that a new zodiac year begins with the solar term 'Start of Spring' on February 4, 5, or 6. People born in January or February should take special care to get their sign right. According to Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is associated with one of the five elements Gold, Water, Wood, Earth, and Fire. For example, the year is an Earth Dog year, and will be a Earth Pig year.

The year a person is born in determines their zodiac sign, and this is believed to affect their personality.

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Since ancient times, people have developed horoscopes to predict destinies, based around zodiac sign traits. A person's personality is also determined by his or her birth hour and birth month, which are in turn each designated one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Most Chinese people believe that there are different degrees of predestined compatibility between zodiac signs.

In ancient times, the Chinese zodiac was used to decide if two people were compatible in a marriage or love relationship. Even nowadays, some people still weigh up zodiac compatibility before a marriage or romantic relationship can begin. Learn more about Chinese Zodiac Compatibility. Most Chinese people also believe that people born in a Goat year will grow up to be followers rather than leaders. Although this is an outdated superstition, it has a real effect on Chinese society.

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Conversely, the Dragon is the most coveted zodiac sign, with Chinese births peaking in Dragon years. See more on 10 Amazing Facts on Chinese Dragons. For the sake of entertainment and convenience, they used the 12 animals to tell the time.