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Looking at the planet exalted in Pisces, the sign on the 10 th house cusp, we see that it is Venus, essentially and accidentally dignified. Therefore I propose that Venus will be the Lady of the Revolution, valid until the Libra ingress on 22 September Venus is in tight conjunction with Mercury and bot planets are located in the first house.

Bonatti tells us about this:. About this, Bonatti tells us:. Looking at fixed stars, we find that Achernar is on the MC.

How to work with the fixed stars in astrological chart

Learn how to work with the fixed stars using Time Nomad — enrich your chart interpretations with very specific knowledge of stellar influences. The fixed stars calculations and interpretations bring a wealth of astrological insights that are of immense help to any practicing astrologer — from beginner to professional. The point-like nature of the fixed stars allows for some very precise observations when it comes to working with natal charts. Analysing the fixed stars, the astrologer may uncover some previously unknown and unsuspected influences that were very difficult to explain just by working with the planets alone.

A fixed star can easily modify energetic profile of a planet in ways that could potentially confuse both the astrologer and their client:. To answer questions like that, the astrologer should analyse the position of the Moon relative to the fixed stars, and see if any stellar influences were at play.

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The energy of the Moon can be easily modified by its conjunction to stars like Regulus, Antares or Aldebaran — all of them are of fiery Mars-like nature… but each with a certain twist. The fixed stars astrology recognises several categories of stars, each group has its own value and interpretation. Knowing to what category some specific star belongs allows for a more meaningful interpretation of its actions.

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Those are the most powerful and influential fixed stars known since ancient times. The fifteen Behenian stars were extensively used in astrology and magical practices.

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Each of the stars is assigned some key properties:. Those fifteen stars are more or less evenly distributed along the zodiacal circle. The illustration below shows Time Nomad chart with Behenian stars placed along the Zodiac.

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Analysing aspects of Behenian stars is the first logical step when looking at any astrological chart. Conjunctions produce strong intellects unless otherwise diminished. Reblogged this on lampmagician.

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